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How To Take Care Of Your Powerizer Nimh/Nicd Rechargeable Battery

Jinhua HengChuang New Energy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 08, 2019

All NiCd/ NiMh rechargeable battery (pack) that we send out is not fully charge. This is due to safety reason during shipping. To ensure the battery (pack) will last a long time for your enjoyment, you need to perform the following steps when you receive our battery (pack).

For NiCd or NiMh battery (pack):

      1. Charge the battery (pack) fully before using.

      2. Discharge the battery (pack) fully (down to 1.0V per cell) before charging it again or till it won't operate your device.

      3. Repeat steps 1&2 four (4) times to condition the battery so it can reach its full capacity

      4. We recommend recharge the battery (pack) at least once every 2 months to maintain the battery's capacity.